• Stay-Sized Kits

    Stay-sized kits are comprised of portions and quantities tailored to the number of guests and length of stay.

  • Guests, Owners, Operators

    We provide individual kits for guests on a per trip basis as well as supply in bulk through our owner operator program.

  • Same Day Arrival

    Kits are conveniently shipped directly to your rental home and arrive the same day as your party.

Buy Vacation Essentials Pack


Arrive to a Stay-Ready Home

It couldn't be easier (or less expensive) to stock your Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway or other vacation rental home with essential household items for the bathroom, kitchen, and pantry.  Just order online, tell us for how many and how long, and your box will be waiting at the rental when you arrive.


An Owner Operator Program that Gives Your Guests Something to Write About.

Create review-worthy guest experiences and increase revenues by integrating our kits into your current turn-around service.  Better guest experiences drive favorable reviews, search rankings and utilization.  

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